Lowetown Productions LLC was formed in late 2011 after its founder, Marvin J Lowe, sought a new direction to produce a company that strives to deliver the best in high-value music and visual innovative productions.
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PVT Sreening!!!

First Short Film by Marvin J Lowe "Daring To Be Different" was screened at CWC Office Furniture Co. February 6th 2019. The reviews were rated high! There is rumor that there will be a 2nd screening in early April 2019! Stay connected for updates and schedulings! See pics below!
Scheduled Events
PVT Screening!!!

February 6th 2019. CWC Office Furnishings
                               4343 N.E. Expressway
                               Atlanta, GA 30340
                              12:00PM - 1:00PM

Public Screening!!!

"Daring To Be Different"
Lowetown Debut commercial
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